Happiness after B.A.P Live on Earth Sydney 2014

"Earth needs you."

Can I just say this is one of the best concerts I've been to in my last 5 concert going years. B.A.P are such amazing performers and I was really moved by all of it. I can hardly contain my emotions as I write this. Nothing has ever impacted me in such a good way in my life. For me it was more than seeing hot guys dance and sing on a stage. Every time I feel sad or hopeless, I can just think about this. I never want to forget these feelings.

When it comes down to why this made me feel so much, I think I had just lost sight of who I was and what I was all about. 2013 was a low in my life. I barely watched anime, listened to music and I had all but forgotten about k-pop. I hated work, I hated uni and all I did was work, go to uni and sleep. I didn't do anything I loved anymore. I had a lot of money but I never had time to do anything I liked. I didn't read, watching anything, or listen to music. I went to concerts pretty often but they were a mere temporary escape for the hole I'd sunken into. I was so unhappy but nobody seemed to notice or care. Lately I've been having a lot of existential crises. I'm not depressed or anything but I'm cynical and realistic. I often wonder what the point of life is and why I was even born. It's not like I had a choice, right? In particular, I've been questioning my own happiness and whether anything really makes me happy at all despite having everything I've ever needed or wanted.

So as corny as this sounds (I'm cringing at myself), the message B.A.P had at their concert 'Earth needs you' really meant a lot to me and it reaffirmed that there is something to live for - all the good experiences and the things that I love and am passionate about. These days in such a judgemental society, it's hard to chase your dreams and do what you love without getting shot down or being told you're doing it wrong. I mean do you know how hard it is to get someone to take you seriously because you have a lot of piercings and an unnatural hair colour? It makes me feel like having my own personality is so redundant sometimes. However, I've been trying to change my outlook on life - to be more positive and do what I love no matter what anyone says - and B.A.P's message just helped a lot. Be the change you wish to see. That's how it goes, no?

After watching someone through a screen and listening to their music for years, you still never know what they're like in person. The camera can't capture everything and seeing a band, singer or group in real life can change what you think of them. I'd forgotten how much I loved B.A.P and after last night I fell in love with them all over again. Not only are they extremely attractive in person, they are incredible performers. I was so overwhelmed that I shed a few tears. I was so grateful for that experience. It was something I really needed after all the stress that uni has been giving me and just the general mundaneness of daily life. No concert I've ever been to has affected me so much and I'm just so happy and thankful for B.A.P.

No matter how silly it sounds to some people, the feeling you get when there's just that small moment of interaction with the people on stage - there are no words to describe it. It's like no other feeling. To know that they've seen you and acknowledged you is incredible. That moment of connection is an experience that makes live music like no other. I was so proud that so many people in Sydney came to see them and I was so happy to see all the smiles it put on their faces. Despite how much I dislike most people, they made me realise that there really are a lot of genuine people in the world that love what they do. As Yongguk's motto "do what you you like and love what you do". I want to be that person and B.A.P just left me feeling a lot more motivated and empowered to become that person.

Aside from the feelings and onto the concert itself. They are officially the first k-pop group to ever make me cry live. I've seen quite a lot now. Their performance was incredibly entertaining. They're a whole load of adorable, charismatic and sexy all in one. I didn't love First Sensibility that much but they sang all the songs I enjoyed like Lovesick, Bang x2 and Save Me. I loved all the VCRs they had - they were cute, funny and some emotional. My favourite songs from the night were Dancing In The Rain and Excuse Me. Daehyun and Youngjae came over to our side so much I was a happy girl. They're just so cute. I'm happy they tried to speak English and didn't use any Korean. It was extremely endearing. I loved their Starbaby cafe. That was funny.

Memorable moments:
- Staring into Youngjae's eyes. Oh my god, that was the one moment I was so sure he was looking right at me, Best moment ever. I will never ever forget this.
- Himchan taking a photo of us. I REALLY NEED TO SEE THIS PHOTO SOMEWHERE.
- Daehyun being Daehyun. Dream guy to be honest. He is so attractive and amazing, and I'm sure he noticed me going crazy every time he came over a few times (lol at me). His voice is incredible.
- Jongup abs IN REAL LIFE. Enough said?
- Daehyun: "I'm hungry."
- Jongup and Youngjae being boxing kangaroos...
- Yongguk with the tigger toy someone threw on stage. Cutest thing ever. He is just so adorable though, seriously.
- Body & Soul hip rolling..........
- Yongguk doing a heart at me and Daehyun blowing a kiss at me?!/1?! I swear it was at me. The eye contact was undeniable. I swear.
- Zelo being a cutie and taking forever to leave the stage at the end.
- The members taking their in-ear monitors out to hear what everyone was screaming at them
- Seeing their smiling faces
- The Check On dance. I loved the VCR they played before the song teaching us the dance. It was hilarious. I still remember the dance. It's supposed to make you the best dancer on Earth. Pretty sure I should dance it every day now.
- When my friend called out Yongguk's name and he looked over in our direction all confused. So funny.

That's all for now. BLESS U JK ENTERTAINMENT.

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